History Mystery Interactive iPad App featuring George Washington in Colonial America

Discover several historical facts about George Washington, as you play in our virtual colonial village. Highly intuitive movement through the app with app guide, Blue Skin and Villagers. Collect achievements to discover a day in the life of a Colonial. 12 Mini Games, 2 Videos and over 100 historical facts enhance learning and keep kids engaged. Encourages kids to become leaders as they learn about the birth of our nation and our first president George Washington.


We create educational media to teach children about the world, how to lead and live with purpose. Jolly Books, growing leaders.


It all started in 2005 with an Elephant in My Pocket. A new baby girl was born, and oh my, there is nothing in the world like a fresh baby. She was beautiful and wonderful and chunky in all the right places. Her mommy and daddy loved her so much. Every night before she would fall asleep her Daddy would read to her. Playful books and colorful books. Silly books and textured books. Big books and little books. Books about the world and books about nothing. They read and they read and they read. There were tickles and giggles and everything wonderful that exists between a daddy and a daughter in those precious moments before she’s tucked in bed. After days and months of these sweet little readings, her daddy sat down to write her a very special story, a book just for her written and illustrated by her wonderful daddy. When it was completed, her daddy sat her in his lap in their white rocking chair where they had read night after night.

To her delight her daddy read to her an Elephant in My Pocket. One day as her mommy was digging through their bedroom closet probably putting away laundry, every mommy’s favorite chore, she stumbled upon this magical book filled with rhymes and drawings and silly sayings. She was amazed at her husband’s work and the talent he possessed. Now sitting on the floor inside the closet, she thumbed through the book and with every page a dream was born. That night her mommy’s heart was filled to overflowing as she watched the talent of her husband and the joy of reading explode into a beautiful symphony of laughter and learning for their new baby daughter. A few years later another beautiful daughter arrived and their wonderful Daddy kept writing them books. The seat of their white, rocking chair is worn and their imaginations have explored places and concepts and countless whimsical woes. They have cultivated a deep love for learning and are blossoming into beautiful young ladies. All the while their mommy kept dreaming. She believed we could help more children discover the joy of learning and thus Jolly Books was born. An independent publishing company that believes laughter and learning go hand-in-hand.




Maylissa Luby


Maylissa Luby is the visionary behind Jolly Books. Originally from Quebec, Maylissa moved to America as a young adult, married her love, and began a family.  Eventually she co-founded a home business with her husband allowing them to focus on their truest passion: raising children to love and feel empowered through creative education. 


Dustin Luby

Creative Producer

Dustin Luby’s love for writing children’s stories and rhymes for his own young children birthed Jolly Books.  Now Dusty finds himself writing, directing and animating as well as doing voice-over acting and video editing for many of the projects.  He is dedicated to using any innovative means necessary to tell an inspiring story and empower future leaders.


Hayley Johnson

Educational Developer

Hayley Johnson believes in the universal language of play. She has spent her entire adult life working with children’s education and social enrichment.  For the past 20 years, she has taught Kg-12th grade, and served as a creative consultant for companies seeking to improve their children’s departments. Hayley learned of Jolly Books while volunteering and is excited to lend her skill set to a company that thrives on the joy of learning. 



James Schurman


James Schurman is a loving husband and father of 2 children. He lives in Burnaby BC, Canada and has been programming with JollyBooks since 2013. He has been passionate about computers since he was a boy, and it has always been his dream to build games and apps. Before working with JollyBooks, James created digital art under his own brand Perception Designs. Today he is an enthusiastic and driven member of the JollyBooks team and will continue to invest his energy into making JollyBooks products into the most popular educational apps available.


Fuad Khan, P.Eng, M.Sc

Chief Technology Officer

Fuad’s love of technology began at an early age and has taken him on many adventures as a nuclear engineer, medical physicist, educator, technology leader, and new media pioneer. He joined the team without hesitation after hearing Dustin and Maylissa’s vision for Jollybooks and has never looked back. After an exciting and eclectic career that took him through Toronto, New York, Los Angeles and Portland, Fuad was captivated by the beauty of Vancouver and decided to make it home. Here, he works as a mad scientist and consultant, teaches occasionally at the University of British Columbia and the British Colombia Institute of Technology and continues to explore the World with a boundless sense of wonder. When not hunched in front of a computer, he can be spotted in a camper-van or a sailboat looking for that perfect spot to build a log cabin and raise a pack of llamas. 


Jaden Luby, 11

When you see Jaden in her element she will be singing, acting or banging on keys/guitar.  She is super fun to be around, has a big heart for others and dreams of being an actress and archeologist.  She has a great articulate voice and puts that talent to use creating the voices for the characters in our apps.


Rain Luby, 9

This youngster has a passion for reading and writing.  She’s already started learning flash and animating with our Creative Director i.e. her dad!  She plays guitar and softball and enjoys theater as well.  We love her contributions to our apps and are constantly picking her brain to glean from her great perspective.