5th Grade to President? Wait! I am only Eleven.

03 Jul 5th Grade to President? Wait! I am only Eleven.

I am still a little dazed that my first born has just graduated 5th grade! Her sweet little school made a really big deal about them moving on to the next level of academic achievement. Good job America for celebrating elementary school like a champ. I really do not recall making a big fuss about this when I was in 5th grade. Maybe it is my Canadian roots or the overachieving generation in the 21st century. Although I was quite moved and, I admit, a few tears welled up as I watched my treasure receive her diploma.

With all that said, man, the world is adding pressure more and more to leave a mark in this world. Make this life matter. Change the world. Join the Peace Corps. I mean, she is eleven people! She is more worried about having a double scoop of ice cream and extra topping than starting a campaign to change the world. When did we lose the importance and impact we make by just being free and being ourselves?

Can I just pee on a tree and make my mark and get this pressure off? I am about changing the world, helping others and being generous but I am seeing a generation being pushed at a very young age to be something that society thinks is great by forgetting that they are eleven! Maybe if we just focus on teaching them to be authentic, joyful, generous, loving and build character then all the influence follows. We are doing this upside down.

Pressure off of kids’ school is important, but like my eleven year old said today, “The most important thing is to be yourself because everyone else is taken”. The two things she likes about herself the most is that she is happy and she is amazing! She is already changing the world from this view.

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