Baby Stepping in to blogging

30 Jul Baby Stepping in to blogging

I was having a great conversation with a few moms while my daughters attended ShineGirl, a girls’ confidence builder group. I was telling them about my writing incompetence and how God has now positioned me to own and market a kid’s publishing company called Jolly Books. Oh, the irony of God placing you to lead in your most uncomfortable position, which mine happens to be writing.

As a child, my mother often relocated our family around Canada, from Ontario to Quebec City. Their primary languages vary from French to English. My native language is French, but I was constantly switching between the two. I totally skipped English and French writing basics. I was so severely behind in my language classes that it became my worst subject in school. Not to mention, I dropped out of high school in 10th grade because my family life became so chaotic that school took a back burner.

Fast forward seventeen years later, I am now the CEO of a publishing company. Yea me! I am a little shocked myself. Biblically, I know I am right where I am supposed to be, yet physically it is a constant battle. Thank God I have built my spiritual muscle to believe and overcome my deepest fear–writing! It is like I am driving a semi-truck while being legally blind.

All that God is asking you to do is to take the wheel and He promises that he will be with you. This week I have achieved thirty followers on twitter and learned how to create a good blog via the book Born to Blog by Mark W. Schaeffer, which is easy to follow and a great start if you are like me and have no idea how to start a blog. Every day I am learning something new and as I take one step at a time I know that God is right there by my side.

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