Back to School – Rearing True Heroes

The girls headed back to school

09 Sep Back to School – Rearing True Heroes

Like most moms across America I hailed my kids back to school this week. One mom let out a big cheer as the bus drove away exclaiming, “Yes! They are back in school.” While I don’t share her sentiments, I did have a little chuckle at her excitement and the cheering parents at the bus stop. I also shed a sigh as I walked inside knowing my oldest daughter was off to middle school. The beginning of the rest of her life. It is so bittersweet watching your children grow and take on the world. But, that is what we are all about, helping kids discover the True Hero that lies inside each and everyone of them.

Whether you are homeschooling, public schooling or private schooling, take an extra few minutes to encourage your littles this week as they settle into their school groove. I cannot help but think and pray about how extraordinary our kids are. They are the leaders of tomorrow and before we know it they will be off leading the world in every sphere. As moms, dads and educators we have the great privilege of instilling gold in a rising generation through our encouragement, support and love.

Jolly Books is excited for the year ahead. We will be posting lots of fun lesson plans, historical holiday fun and encouragement for each of you along the way. Thank you for parenting and educating tomorrow’s leaders!

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