Colonial Life Lesson Plan for Students K-2grade

Colonial Activity k-2

13 Jul Colonial Life Lesson Plan for Students K-2grade

Colonial Life Lesson Plan for Students K-2 grade

Objective: Students will learn facts about early Colonial life through creative role play as they rotate through 4 home-making activities. These lesson plans are designed to highlight the Colonial ways of: Canning and pie-making, clothes, daily chores and caring for animals.

Lesson plan length of time: 30 minutes

1-Set up 4 creative play centers:
PIE-Making: Play dough cooking center
RICE MILL: Rice table with measuring cups
FARMING: Animal figurines with farm fencing
Colonial Clothes: Dress-up in colonial outfits


2-Read intro to the kids make this fun!
“Today we are going to imagine that we are American colonists who moved here, many years ago! There weren’t any grocery stores so they had to grow their own food and bake their own pies. If they wanted eggs, they had to go to the chicken coop to collect freshly-laid eggs. Everything was very different. Who thinks they would be a good farmer? Let’s look at our colonial activities and imagine we are in our own village!”

3-Explain activities while showcasing each center.
4-Rotate through centers.


Colorful Play dough
Rolling Pin
Miniature Pie Tins (optional)
Pre-made sample pie using the play dough

4large bags of rice/dried beans
1 tub/dishpan to hold rice
pack of paper lunch bags
cups for scooping /pouring

Animal figurines
Fencing Links /build fence with popsicle sticks or linking logs, works great!

Dresses, Aprons, Bonnets
Overcoats, Top Hats, Scarves
Night Gown, Boots, etc.

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