Jolly Books Maylissa Luby

I love helping kids see themselves as future leaders. I am passionate about families and teaching my three girls self worth and seeing them rise to be confident young ladies. Hello my name is Maylissa Luby born in Quebec City Canada in the early80s and now a proud American citizen in the land of the free. One of my talents is helping encourage others pursue their creative gifts. Seeing potential and dreaming of ways to move projects forward is my passion.


I am a dreamer at heart; my husband calls me his talent harness. After 12 years of marriage and a major family relocation to the east coast, living in Virginia has inspired us to teach history to kids in a fresh and entertaining way. A love for history and education has significantly redirected our lives to share our Jolly Books with the world. In 2008 we founded Jolly Books Publishing after attending a children’s writers and illustrator’s conference in NY. My husband and I were fairly new to the publishing industry, while we learned allot in the two days there. We left NY with a new hope to launch our own publishing business.


Here we are in 2015 and we have launched. Our heart for Jolly Books is to help children learn while having fun. Creating media that is engaging letting kids discover and explore new worlds. Meeting historical icons, amazing leaders of the past. We want kids to see themselves in these historical greats and know that they are the True Heroes of today. The rules that I live by; Live with Passion keep your eyes focused on your future, live with freedom, dream bigger then your heart contains, give generously, love with all your soul, mind and heart. Be the best you. These are the things that help me be myself, BE YOURSELF.