Celebrating one download at a time


18 Jun Celebrating one download at a time

With 6 billion people in the world, it can seem overwhelming to make a difference and have a voice that will influence the world. Here I am beginning my journey for my breakthrough into the world of Apps! It is easy to listen to the crowd and get discouraged by how difficult it is to be a success on iTunes. Well, I just stepped on stage of a three year project and have my App in hand ready to share with the world. My heart and mind are sinking like I have no clue what to do.


I have a conversation with myself. “Um, what? Excuse me?” The other voice tells me, “Girl, you are born to do this.” “Really? Don’t you remember where you come from? You are a high school dropout and you are intimidated with social media.” “Oh yea. That sucks. Maybe I can’t do it? I’m certainly not qualified, but what the heck. Who’s better qualified than I am? I’ve dreamed a dream, I’ve cried the tears, I’ve turned the wheels, I’ve convinced others to embark on the Jolly Books Dream.”


All I keep thinking is Jesus take the wheel. Yep, I have an App and it is great. It encourages kids to be leaders. It teaches history and I know in my heart that I am called to change the world. Am I afraid? Uh, yes. Am I ready? Nope, but you know what? I am pressing through and I am going to move my mountain. God has prepared the way before I was born. Ironically, writing has been my biggest fear. God promises that in our weaknesses He glorifies Himself. So today, in my moment of freaking out, I look up to Heaven once again and give it all to Him! Will any one see me or hear me? Well, you are here and reading this…God is on my side and He is on your side. So, smile.

Every week i will post updates of my success in breaking barriers and accomplishing my Jolly Books Dream! Check out our True Heroes 1781 on iTunes

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