Tidy Up: Using Your Technology to get organized

10 Aug Tidy Up: Using Your Technology to get organized

Here at Jolly Books we know life with kids gets messy quickly!  I can’t tell you how many times a day I think, “I swear I just picked that up.”  My dear friend wrote in her holiday letter that her slogan for the year was, “Excuse me!  Do I look like a maid to you?”

So in honor of trying to tame the mess we have compiled a list of 15 ways to tidy up using your tech!

  1. Get rid of the DVD Cases—buy your movies on iTunes and enjoy them across all your devices with home sharing and Apple TV
  2. Get rid of the CD Cases—same as above
  3. Donwload the Apple TV Remote to your phone b/c you will lose that pesky little silver thing
  4. Purchase more ebooks
  5. Get rid of all your old tech—how many iPhones can you really use at once
  6. Use your online calendar
  7. Sync those calendars so you and the hottie tottie hubs can both be up-to-date with all the practices, parties and school events
  8. Checkout great apps like Evernote for your to do list
  9. Use a social media platform that allows you to post to all your accounts at once.  Our favorite is Instagram of course!
  10. Delete apps you don’t use
  11. Organize your email (Gmail is the best for this b/c it does it for you)
  12. Ditch the filing cabinet and scan away the clutter
  13. Use the Cloud—not sure what to put in this ever elusive storage space?  Start with a backup of everything you just scanned then add the family photos.
  14. Shred all that paper you just stored in your Cloud.
  15. Take photos of business cards, appointment notifcations, etc.—you won’t lose them and you can get them out of your wallet


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